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Education is a Human Right
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Reimagine Learning

We are designers, educators, community builders, engineers, researchers and storytellers passionate about education. We bring our engineering mindset to solve the global challenges of life-long learning.
As Engineers for Education, we focus on three essential drivers to transform education.

Learning Navigator (Navigator): Navigator is a research-backed tool providing a GPS-like experience to navigate learners to their learning destination with a full spectrum of learning activities.

Navigated Learning Collaborative (NLC): The NLC invites experts across the learning space to co-create the Learning Navigator through its use. Navigator provides evidence of learning to all stakeholders.

Scale: Technology partners integrate Navigator into their applications to bring assured learning to their cohorts in different regions, languages, grade levels and disciplines propelling systemic change.

Learning Navigator

Learning Navigator (Navigator) is informed by practice and backed by science. We work with educators, pedagogy experts, researchers, and implementers to solve complex challenges of learning.

Navigator enables every learner, regardless of circumstances, the opportunity to achieve optimal learning outcomes by locating their current knowledge and skills then navigating them to their desired learning destination with a full spectrum of curated on and offline learning activities.

Navigator also has a powerful data backbone that provides data on student learning gains to guide improvement in educational programs.

It is currently being used by millions of students in K12, higher education, skills training and professional learning in the U.S. and worldwide.

Navigator complies with California's Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA) not just for students in California, but for all students no matter their age or location that use Learning Navigator.

"It is really cool to see how engaged students are. Now I feel like I'm finally able to address their needs, and I can focus not just on filling skill gaps, but on teaching them how to learn."

Sophie Thomas, Math Teacher
Leadership Public Schools

Collaborative Impact

Learning is complex, learners are diverse, and ecosystems are intricate. Gooru established a Navigated Learning Collaborative (NLC) and invites researchers, funders, content providers and implementers to co-create the Navigator as they benefit from using it. Navigator is free and open to NLC partners. In return NLC partners agree to open their competency models, the content they create and their anonymized user data for use in AI. Navigator and by extension learners everywhere greatly benefit from the shared expertise and experience of the various partners across a variety of disciplines and geographies. Co-creating Navigator addresses the complexities of learning to create systemic change.

  • The Navigated Learning Collaborative (NLC)... Focuses on tangible outcomes

  • Shares aligned beliefs and a singular objective: to ensure every partner achieves their individual agenda

  • Engages and inspires the community by sharing successes and open-source their expertise

  • Supports a coalition of caring, demonstrating optimism and activism for education

  • Values collective accomplishments over individual successes

  • Practices collective vigilance and shared measurement

Scale with Tech Partners

While the NCL co-create Navigator with Gooru, our tech partners across learning disciplines from K12 to higher education and skills training worldwide integrate Learning Navigator into their applications. Their users gain a GPS-like learning experience with assured learning and real-time feedback enables stakeholders – including students, teachers, parents, administrators, curriculum providers, and funders – to self-regulate and coordinate to optimize learning gains. Tech partners "localize" Navigator to their regions, languages, grade levels and disciplines, and develop Navigator courses for their target audiences.

Millions of students in K12, higher education, skills training, and professional learning in the U.S. and worldwide are currently using Navigator. 3.06 million students in K12 classes and skills training programs in the U.S. are using it as well as the U.S. Department of Defense for military training and a large Silicon Valley corporation for professional learning.

In India, the Navigator is being piloted with 200,000 primary school students in the states of Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra and will reach more than 10 million students with statewide implementation by 2022. Implementations are underway in schools in Bangladesh and Africa,  English language training in Thailand, professional development in South Africa, skills training in Morocco, and civil service training in India.

Systemic Change

Navigator optimizes outcomes for the learner by making real-time learning-gains data transparent to all stakeholders that contribute to it.

This enables each stakeholder to measure the efficacy of their work and adjust their means and methods to improve outcomes for the learners. 

Learners benefit as stakeholders evolve based on Navigator's feedback, enabling more optimal outcomes for the entire system.

Navigator is designed for scale with one representational model consistent across all facets of learning that measures students’ progress, performance, persistence or grit, and self-confidence. Navigator is also intuitive and actionable for all stakeholders.

Teachers and students from Leadership Public Schools provide a glimpse into the impact

Use these resources to demonstrate the Navigate Math program.