Navigated Learning

Take the anxiety out of learning and build confidence regardless of where a student starts, the path they take, or the pace at which they learn.

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For K-12, College, Professional Learning
and Skills Training

Learning Navigator does for learning what GPS does for travel: It assures learning outcomes for all students. Navigator locates a student's knowledge and disposition, and navigates them to their learning destination.

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Navigator for STudents

For Teachers  

Teachers and administrators benefit from Navigator's ease of use and powerful data backbone.

Navigator for Teachers

Learning Gains

8th grade math students in the U.S. achieved learning gains nearly three times the national average with  Navigator.

Across Disciplines and Geography

Navigator supports a growing collaborative of K12, higher education, professional and skills training, and government organizations around the world. It works with a variety of local curriculum standards,  diverse content providers and across a range of technology infrastructure.

The Collaborative