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Algebra 1

This course gives students a firm understanding of algebra. It takes them through each principle one at a time while engaging them in a fast-paced and captivating learning experience. The content is designed to make learning algebra more enjoyable and productive. In developing this algebra course, we partnered with leading companies, nonprofits, and government agencies to create engaging and  educational content.  The class includes content from publishers such as EngageNY, Great Minds, Khan Academy, and more.  All of the course content has undergone a multi-step review process to ensure its efficacy and high quality.

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Objectives of the Course

Have a stronger fluency of mathematics

Understand linear and exponential relationship

Be able to apply linear models to data and linear trends

Understand descriptive statistics

Ability to analyze and explain graphical representations

Know how to analyze, solve, and model quadratic and polynomial equations

Have the capacity to write, rewrite, compare, and graph functions

And understand how to interpret all the parameters of an equation.

The Big Ideas of Algebra

Each unit takes students beyond learning to solve math problems and gain deeper, conceptual understanding of the thought-processes behind the steps they take to arrive at their solutions. Students can explain, justify, and evaluate their reasoning as they describe what they have learned. Students also learn how algebra concepts are used in real-life applications and, in turn, feel more motivated by and connected to their learning.

Students Review

At the end of the course, students review to ensure they are proficient in all topics covered. Students who complete the course will find they have a stronger grasp of math and can move on to advanced mathematics successfully. The pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey. Take the class to start today.

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