API Use Cases

Leverage Navigator for Your Users

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Application developers can integrate Navigator capabilities into their product using the third party APIs. Navigator can be used to enable multiple use cases for instructors and learners. Access to the APIs require keys. You can request them here. Integrating with any of the Navigator APIs requires authenticated tokens. Follow the steps below.

Principles of Navigated Learning

Competency based Search

Navigator’s vast catalog of curated content is organized as resources, collections, questions, assessments, rubrics, and offline activities such as projects. Application developers can leverage Navigator’s curated catalog to provide competency-based search for their instructors and learners and give them access to a vast, meta-data rich content from various publishers and content providers. The content can be used to make suggestions to the learners, used for instruction for in-class activities, or to build navigator courses.


  1. Check out search overview to understand how Navigator search can be used
  2. Search for resources, questions, collections and assessments
  3. Search for rubrics
  4. Search for courses

Locate the Learner

Navigator establishes the learner's current location in a facet by determining the learner’s mastery in the various domains in the facet. The learner’s Skyline is tracked continuously by sending the learner’s progress and performance data via Navigator’s Data-in API.


  1. Crosswalk framework to existing competency models
  2. Data-In API for sending the learner data.
  3. Data-Out API for tracking the learner profile.

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