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Open Content Vetted by Educators

With technology roots from Google, we look at content differently than education publishers. Our catalog taps into resources that have been curated and contributed by educators as they personalize learning for their students within our application.

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Tools Created by Teachers, Built by Engineers

We collaborate with innovative educators, administrators and researchers with a shared goal to give every teacher the most effective instructional practices amplified with innovative technology. Integrate classroom-ready tools from our Learning Navigator seamlessly into your application. With our built-in multi-tenancy, your application can have logical separation of data, content, and users on Gooru.

Live Assessments
Provide teachers with real-time reporting to target intervention and accelerate achievement for every student in the class.
Mobile Navigator
Gooru’s Learning Navigator is being developed as an app to support independent learning and enhance the classroom learning experience.
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What is Gooru?

Gooru is an educational technology non-profit that is dedicated to improving learning outcomes for all students by making education equally accessible. Gooru is creating technology that enables educators and researchers to “open-source” effective practices and content to improve learning outcomes for all.

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