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Assure Outcomes

Our easy to use Navigator application enables all content providers and implementers across disciplines and geographies to bring navigated learning experience with their content for their cohorts. Navigator technology can also be easily integrated into other learning applications. Researchers use the Navigator to incorporate their research-backed practices to students, teachers and for classroom practices. Application developers, and tool providers can integrate Navigator technology - into their app to benefit their users.


As application developers in K12 education, higher education and professional skills training, you can bring assured learning to their users. Providers can also reach millions of users by integrating their tool into the Navigator application.

Implementation Partners

Organizations interested in bringing Navigated Learning in K12 schools, in higher education or for professional learning can use the Navigator with their cohorts.

They can easily onboard users into the Navigator to bring learners assured outcomes. Learners and instructors can benefit from a tool that is informed by practice and backed by science.

Content Providers

Bring the Navigated Learning experience to your content. Gooru and other partners have published several competency frameworks covering the K12 space in the US, primary education in India, Soft skills and others. You, as a content creator, can use the existing frameworks for your users to build crosswalks to your standards frameworks for the disciplines that your users need. You can create new competency models, develop diagnostic assessments and align your content to the competency model. Please download the competency model template to start bringing a “GPS” for learning experience with your content. Content created and published publicly are accessible via the Catalog APIs.

Research Partners

Researchers get a pathway to impact for their science. They can bring their research tools for students, teachers and classroom practices and integrate with Navigator to study its efficacy and evolve their science. They can access anonymized data that are logged against a well-defined competency model to further their research. All partners in the exchange get the benefit of the research translated into capabilities in Navigator.