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English Language Arts, Grade 5

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This course gives students a deep understanding of 5th grade English Language Arts (ELA). Short stories, texts, videos, interactives, and presentations are woven throughout the collections which also have assessments aligned to them, enabling teachers to monitor student progress and providing interventions where needed. This course also has grade level specific resources for parents, including an explanation of the Common Core at this level.

Gooru is able to offer this course completely free of charge for students and teachers to utilize either in the classroom or online. This class is designed to enable students to gain interdisciplinary cognitive skills as well as content mastery. The English Language Arts units and lessons are mapped to the Common Core State Standards.

By the end of this English Language Arts Grade 5 Course, students will be able to:

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Increase their ability to attack more complex words while reading,
Understand the elements of plot in a story,
Identify textual evidence and how to use it in their writing,
Learn how to write informational/explanatory writings,
Learn the definition and usages of conjunctions and interjections,
Use the perfect verb tense and use verb tense to convey a deeper meaning,
Modify sentences to create stronger writing,
Use context clues to improve their understanding,
Learn the definition and function of idioms, adages, and proverbs.

The Learning Navigator’s catalog is rich with standard aligned, K-12 content that spans a variety of subjects. Teachers and students can search the free catalog to find, remix and share the content.

This course will introduce students to a variety of subjects.

This class was designed to give students a firm grasp of foundational English Language Arts skills, with topics including (but not limited to): Word Attack, Literary Elements, Non-Fiction/Informational Text, Textual Evidence, Verb Tenses, Punctuation, Context Clues, Similes and Metaphors, and Idioms, Adages, and Proverbs.

Educators can measure students’ progress throughout the class.

At various points in the class, students will be given assessments to gauge their understanding and ability to apply English Language Arts concepts.  Teachers can utilize these assessment results to identify struggling students, pinpoint exactly which topics are presenting a challenge, and offer assistance through additional resources. These assessments were designed to help teachers target and interact with students in real time as they progress through the materials.