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2.8 Years of Growth Per Year

Leadership Public Schools (LPS), a network of urban high schools in Oakland, California, set out to ensure that all its learners were ready for Algebra 1. Only a small number of incoming LPS learners had master 8th-grade math, while four-fifths of them perform at a 2nd to 7th-grade math level.

LPS partnered with Gooru to leverage the capabilities of Learning Navigator to address the needs of learners missing foundational math skills. By integrating their pre-algebra course with Learning Navigator, LPS educators could observe where each learner’s math understanding began, how their comprehension progressed and precisely when they achieved readiness for Algebra 1. Student achievement in pre-algebra at LPS is highlighted in a Christensen Institute study (2016). The study showed that “Learning growth in math was 2.82 times the national growth norm during the first year of Gooru implementation,” as measured by NWEA MAP).

Christensen Report

3x Students “Involved” with Navigated Learning

The India Education Collective's (IEC) interventions in primary schools in Paderu, Andhra Pradesh, India, were researched by IMPACT Partners in Social Development, Pvt. Ltd. The study included 100 randomly selected schools with 1009 students equally distributed between control and program groups with students from Grades 1, 2 and 3.

IMPACT Report on IEC Learning

Significantly Higher MAP Scores

Fifth-grade teachers at a Navigator Lab School established Navigate Math Wednesdays as a complement to their regular mathematics instruction, which uses Eureka Math (Great Minds, 2018) the other days of the week.

The students spent approximately 445 total hours on Navigate Math during the research study with an average time per student of 7.8 hours over  three months. A regression model (p ≤ 0.0001) shows a direct positive correlation to competencies mastered in Math Navigator to overall Winter MAP scores. On average, students who gained more competencies in Navigator for Math had higher overall MAP scores. In addition, after three months of interaction with Navigate Math, 70% of students in one class and 50% of students in the other class met the MAP goals that were set by their teachers in the fall MAP testing period. 

Science of Navigated Learning

Beyond researched studies, Navigated Learning is getting positive market feedback on its impact.

Over 1M Competencies Gained with Navigated Learning

With real-time data on competencies gained by students, Navigator provides dynamic feedback, so stakeholders can regulate and coordinate to enable strong outcomes.

Positive Feedback from Stakeholders

Education Secretaries in India, District Superintendents in the US, and Teachers and Students worldwide have highlighted productivity gains for teachers and learning outcomes gains for students.

6M Users and Growing

Navigated Learning is designed to scale, and a growing number of users worldwide is evidence of its impact. Other measures of its scalability included the level of engagement in terms of monthly active and time spent on the Navigator, the number of lessons created by teachers, and the number of competencies gained by learners.

Navigated Learning Across Disciplines and Geographies

Silicon Valley engineers to primary school students in rural Maharashtra, India are leveraging Navigated Learning to achieve assured outcomes. Our partner network of content providers and implementers, as well as researchers and tech partners, is rapidly growing. This is additional evidence of its impact.

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