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Monitor and Measure

Philanthropists, foundations, corporate social responsibility, and governments use Navigator's Mission Control to track and determine if the learning programs they support are effective.

Navigator's Mission Control

Regardless of the program and the intervention, Mission Control gives funders immediate information to monitor programs, understand the efficacy of resources, and track learning outcomes of their philanthropic spending. It allows them to drill down and roll up to view relevant data, including learning gains made by students at the local, regional, national, and global levels, as well as how and where curriculums are being used and how effective they are. 

Reach out to us for more information about licensing Mission Control at partners@gooru.org

Join the Navigated Learning Collaborative

Funders join the Navigated Learning Collaborative by supporting any of the Navigated Learning Collaborative members, including science of learning researchers, technology developers, content and tool providers, and implementers. The Navigated Learning Collaborative is instrumental to the continuous improvement of Navigator, and its implementation worldwide.

Meet our Funders

The World Bank is funding research and development to bring Navigated Learning to adult skills training programs in Morocco.

A DRK-12 grant from the NSF funds next-generation science knowledge and a full spectrum of learning activities and formative assessments on Navigator.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds development of formative assessments in the Learning Navigator, central to the data backbone.

Cisco is a long term supporter of Gooru and has funded the development of the various applications for students, teachers and administrators.

Social Alpha in India is supporting Gooru and Navigated Learning by funding the implementation of the Learning Navigator for entrepreneurship.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has funded to help develop an open learning activities catalog for use in navigating learners.

Google was and early believer in the promise of Gooru's mission and technology and has funded the math and science underlying the Learning Navigator.

SC/e supports the NLC and Learning Navigator through its generous donation

Carnegie Foundation is supporting the development of the various applications for students, teachers and administrators

Microsoft is funding the research and development of Learning Navigator for adult skills training programs.

AT&T is funding the design of the student and. teacher inferface.

National University is a supporter of Gooru and its mission to improve learning outcomes for students everyhwere

Charles Schwab Foundation funds development of the formative assessments critical to Navigator's data backbone.

Funding from Lockheed Martin helps the implementation of Navigator for skills training.

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation funds the implementation of Navigator in skills training.

The Sobrato Family Foundation is a long standing supporter of Gooru and its mission to bring equality to education anywhere.

The Office of Naval Research supports Gooru's mission through its generous donation.

Tata Trust is funding implementation of Navigator in India K12.

Bay Capital is funding innovation of the Navigator experience in India K12.

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