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Implementing the Learning Navigator

The Learning Navigator is easy to use and is free and open for administrators, teachers and students. A teacher can begin utilizing it in their classroom right away. Administrators can implement the Learning Navigator at a school-wide or district-wide lever. It seamlessly integrates with existing learning system providers, including learning management systems, assessment systems, and other learning solutions. These platforms can leverage the Navigator’s millions of curated, standards-aligned learning resources, real-time assessment tools, and student specific learning suggestions. When a teacher uses the Navigator, they see all the information about their students in one data dashboard. Administrators can pull student usage data and teacher data dashboards into their existing learning management systems, so that all practitioners can see all of the data in one place.

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Measure performance at every level

Navigator's powerful data backbone gives administrators constant real-time feedback on how well students, teachers and curricula are performing at the individual level, classroom, school and district wide levels.

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Create a Customized Online Library

Access the Learning Navigator's robust catalog of K-12 courses to create a custom digital library that supports teachers, or bring your own content into the Navigator to facilitate personalize teaching and learning.

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