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Integrated Science Course

This earth science course takes students through a series of phenomena, including light and heat, climate change and chemical reaction, and fish and stream. It also includes light reflection activities and trout habitat projects for students to do in the classroom. By the end of each unit, they will be able to tell the story of big-picture phenomena. The class content is precisely curated, utilizing resources that engage students throughout the learning process.In creating this course, we went to great lengths to ensure that the content is high-quality, rigorous, and engaging for all levels of students. It includes materials from academically recognized publishers, such as EngageNY, Great Minds, and Khan Academy. The content is vetted for accuracy and effectiveness.

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Course Objectives

Understand the foundations of light and heat phenomena.

Identify the classification of earthquakes — cause of origin, depth of focus, and magnitude

Define and model the CO2 molecule and greenhouse gas

Understand crater classifications, their parts, and how they form

Describe the relationship between dissolved oxygen and temperature

Understand the energy changes that happen in a solar oven as a result of radiation

Measure the amplitude and wavelength of a wave

Define and identify renewable energy sources in the prevention of climate change

Overall, this course focuses on the foundations of Integrated Science.

Beyond helping students grasp key topics, it can also help them develop a strong foundational understanding of integrated science that will prepare them for more advanced subjects and may ultimately result in potential careers in STEM. The course also develops students’ critical thinking, as it allows them to draw their own conclusions from the information as they are learning it.  With the knowledge they gain from this class, students will be able to begin their own independent research.

Assessments are available at the end to review what they learned.

An end-of-course assessment evaluates whether or not students are fully competent on all units they have completed. Students who utilize this course to develop a stronger understanding of the basics of Integrated Science will be significantly more capable of moving on to further studies. Click below to begin your journey.

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