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Navigated Learning Collaborative partners believe in collaboration for assured learning outcomes for learners. Partners who believe in education as a human right and want to leverage and contribute to an open and free Navigator join the Collaborative.

Type of Partner

Contribution to a free platform for Navigated Learning Collaborative use

Content Providers

Contribute to Navigator Competency Model and Tag open content with rich metadata

Implementers and Users

Provide anonymized data from their use of Navigator which trains AI

Tool Providers

Develop open source Navigator and other tools to provide the platform


Operationalize the science of learning with big-data to create an individual learning experience that enables strong outcomes


Navigated Learning Collaborative partners innovate and use Navigator with their cohorts for free. Partner use continuously improves the competency framework, open content, software system, and AI of Navigator.

The Learning Navigator’s catalog is rich with standard aligned, K-12 content that spans a variety of subjects. Teachers and students can search the free catalog to find, remix and share the content.

Resources by Most Popular Subjects

Collaborators Receive

A platform to bring their innovation to millions of users. 

Free use of Navigator with a GPS-like experience for learners and data dashboards for all other stakeholders. 

Access to open content, assessments, and competency frameworks. Navigator houses a vast repository of 4+-million open English resources and 200,000+ collections and assessments.

Collaborators Contribute

New competency frameworks or create crosswalks to existing ones.

Open content and assessments aligned to competency frameworks.

Open-source tools, or anonymized data from the use of Learning Navigator.

Learning science, data science, or evaluation research to Navigator and its community.

Available Resources

Use the search bar on top of the page to explore the Learning Navigator’s resources or click on the topics below.

How to Join the Navigated Learning Collaborative

Any organization can join the Navigated Learning Collaborative, and users of Navigator on automatically become part of the Navigated Learning Collaborative.


OERs are entered into the system and tagged by content experts or educators for standards, accessibility, and depth of knowledge. Relevance, efficacy, and engagement are automatically generated using activity stream data and a Bayesian Knowledge Tracing technique.

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