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Learning Navigator blends powerful formative assessment capabilities, performance data and a free catalog of learning resources.

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How the Learning Navigator Works

Learning Navigator works by locating every student's current gaps and strengths in knowledge and skills. It provides a personalized route for each learner using a full spectrum of learning resources making reroute suggestions based on their performance until they reach their destination. It leverages the science of personalizing learning to give teachers and students the most appropriate high-quality resources at each moment to meet students exactly where they are.

Navigator Competency Model

Navigator locates each student on a learning framework, called the Navigator Competency Model (NCM). The NCM organizes all the competencies, including curricular concepts, non-cognitive skills, and alternative concepts and common struggles in that subject.

Learner Profile

A student’s mastery in a subject is not a single score or grade, but a proficiency level for each of those concepts and skills. The learner’s preferences and performance are updated in real-time in any subject to create the learner’s identity and profile in Navigator.

Personalized Pathway

In a Navigator course, a student receives an individualized pathway based on a diagnostic assessment or standardized evaluations such as NWEA MAP scores. Re-route and personalized suggestions are dynamically and adaptively offered based on real-time activity stream data. The individualized pathway is continuously updated based on a student’s performance and learning preferences. Students are able to progress at their own pace, skipping content if they have already mastered the related concepts and skills, or pausing to complete additional activities to fill learning gaps.