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Navigator integrates into a variety of applications serving a range of partners and their users. Navigator uses AI techniques to personalize learning activities that ensure learners reach their destination.

White-labeled Navigator Courses

Partners can bring their own branding to Gooru’s Navigator courses. Use our already established Math Navigator that builds foundational math skills for Algebra success by filling missing gaps in learner’s Common Core Competencies from grade 2 through early high school or we can map your own competencies in any subject or skill area where your learners need to achieve mastery.

Math Navigator

Leverage Navigator Tools and APIs

Navigator APIs and widgets save partners time and resources by integrating into existing and next-generation products. A large number of researchers from around the world who have operationalized the science of learning with big-data are contributing to the development of Navigator.

API Documents

Curated Catalog

Partners access Navigator’s curated catalog to provide their users with a wide range of metadata-rich content. Within the catalog instructors can find content for specific competencies to teach or assign to their learners and curriculum developers create lessons by looking up content aligned to competencies in their framework.

Locate the Learner

Administrators establish a competency model for their discipline(s) of study, roster their learners, and use existing data about the learners to establish a Skyline for every learner.

Individual Instruction

Instructors receive analytics for their classes, recommendations for competencies to focus on, and content to teach based on how their learners are performing. Instructors also receive suggestions for specific competencies that they can assign and have access to lesson plans for the curriculum that they teach.

Navigated Learning

Based on the learner’s Skyline and destination, they receive an individualized pathway which factors in multiple aspects of their profile, including their preferences. The learner’s pathway dynamically updates to provide new or additional learning suggestions based on their performance to help them master the concepts.

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