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Principles of Navigated Learning

Lifelong learners worldwide engage in a variety of offline and digital learning activities across distributed systems. Navigator technology enables the consistent capturing of data across all environments. It uses AI techniques with the big-data to operationalize science of learning to personalize learning activities that ensure learners reach their destination. The Navigator technology can be integrated into a variety of applications serving a range of learning needs. It provides key capabilities to establish Learner Identity that provisions users and maintains their profiles, synchronize the competency model underlying the discipline(s) of their interest, accesses curated content to provide a search engine for learning, aggregates data from their systems and track learner’s progress in real-time, and suggest personalized pathways using principles of learning.

App Developers

Our APIs and widgets save app developers time and resources by integrating Navigator into their existing and next-generation products. Navigator has been developed with a large number of researchers from around the world who have operationalized the science of learning with big-data .

Leverage Catalog

Application developers can access Navigator’s curated catalog to provide their users with a wide range of content that are rich with metadata. Instructors, for example, can search for and find content for specific competencies that they want to teach or assign to their learners to augment their classroom teaching. Curriculum developers can create lessons by looking up content aligned to competencies in their framework.

Locate the Learner

Instructors using non-Navigator courses can still use the Navigator to establish and track the progress of their learners in the subject. Once the learners complete studying a topic or concept in their curriculum, the instructors can assign activities and assessments for the learners on the Navigator to compute their Skyline. As they cover more and more topics, they can continue to track their progress on the Navigator.

Personalized Teaching

Instructors can get analytics for their classes, recommendations for competencies to focus on and content to teach based on how the students in their classes are performing. Instructors also get suggestions for specific competencies that they can assign to the learners in their class. Instructors also have access to lesson plans for the curriculum that they teach.

Personalized Learning

Based on the learner’s skyline and the destination, the learner gets a personalized route which factors in multiple aspects of their profile, including their preferences. Based on the learner’s performance in specific competencies, they will also get re-route suggestions to help them master the concepts.