Learning Navigator

The Learning Navigator blends powerful formative assessment capabilities, performance data and a free catalog of learning resources.

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How does the Navigator Support Teachers?

The Learning Navigator allows teachers to facilitate formative assessments, assign content, and track student progress.

Live Assessments

Monitor students as they complete live formative assessments that have been curated for them. Gain instant insight into student understanding, and make immediate decisions about classroom instruction.

Content Builder

Create a course, collection or assessment for a class, or search for content in the Learning Navigator’s library. The Learning Navigator has a catalog of over 4 million resources, thousands of collections and assessments, and over 50 educator-curated courses that can be personalized to meet the needs of students.

Performance Dashboard

Teachers use the performance dashboard to check for understanding, reteach key concepts, and monitor understanding throughout a course of study. Students receive assessment reports with actionable data to drive ownership of student learning.

How does the Navigator Support Students?

The Learning Navigator allows students to engage with educator-curated content to support their classroom learning and their independent study.

Enhance Classroom Content

Students join their teacher’s classroom to study content and complete assessments that have been assigned to them.

Review Performance Data

After reviewing their performance data, students communicate with their teachers or peers to ask for support and determine next steps toward improving their learning.

Explore Independent Learning Opportunities

Students search for content, bookmark it, and study the associated courses, collections, and resources for their own independent learning experience.

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