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Navigated Learning is designed for scale

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Replication is Not Scaling

An approach that works in one socio-cultural context with one set of users and educators is likely not going to work when replicated in another environment. This is the challenge of scaling education outcomes. Replication is not scaling. Navigated Learning is designed for scale.

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It's All About the Learner

Our ability to “Locate the Learner” is designed for scale with...

  • One representational model that is consistent across all facets of learning - subjects, non-cognitive and socio-emotional. The representational model maintains all necessary details - beyond progress and performance; it tracks measurements such as grit, and self-confidence.

  • A visualization model with “skyline” that is intuitive and actionable for all stakeholders. While systems deal with extreme details, we enable humans with abstracted visualization that is actionable.

Full-spectrum of Learning Activities

Digital Learning is not about watching videos and answering multiple-choice. It is about digital data from the full-spectrum of learning activities. Students learn by working collaboratively on projects, writing essays and proofs, making classroom presentations, and interacting with peers. Digital videos, simulations and multiple-choice enhance the activities. All types of digital, offline, and social learning produce digital data and helps to dynamically locate the learner’s knowledge, skills, and mindsets.

Navigator Works Across the Ladder

A large number of students around the world don't have access to devices or connectivity. Navigated Learning works in these environments also, producing reliable outcomes for all learners.

Designed for All Learners

Navigator is designed for all learners, including those with special needs. Learners with disabilities have skylines that locate them and obtain personalized pathways with activities that are appropriate to them, including resources appropriate for the hearing impaired, those with color blindness, or learners on the autism spectrum.

Learn from Those you Trust

There are numerous challenges in the current learning environments that have resulted in too many learners “giving up,” Systemic change requires the enrollment of all stakeholders including students, teachers, and administrators, even those that may be disengaged. The Navigated Learning approach leverages a peer network that establishes trust to serve even those stakeholders who may be disengaged.

Evidence of Learning

Navigator brings evidence of learning to all stakeholders. Public officials can monitor the efficacy of their programs. School administrators, educators and curriculum developers can self-regulate their services based on engagement and efficacy of their services to optimize the outcomes for all students in their cohorts.

Learning Exchange

Navigator enables all ecosystem players in their practices. Non-profit and for-profit organizations can bring their content to Navigator.

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