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Gooru achieves sustainability by licensing Navigator to tech partners serving post-secondary, skills training, and professional learning. 

Join the many success stories of schools and districts using the Learning Navigator to improve learning outcomes

License Mission Control

Foundations in the United States spent more than $67 billion on education programs in 2017. Funders license Mission Control for a single data dashboard that gives them immediate information to compare programs, resources, and outcomes of their philanthropic spends. Revenues from annual license fees for Mission Control help sustain the Navigated Learning Collaborative's mission.

MIssion Contol

License Navigator

Additional billions are spent annually on education technology, and this investment is expected to increase worldwide. Navigator is an intelligent, cost-effective solution for tech partners to license and integrate into their apps. Tech partners pay a one-time implementation cost and annual license fees of $1/user/year.

TEch Partners


The Navigated Learning Collaborative members co-create the Navigator in exchange for free, unlimited use.

Co-create Navigator

Members of the Navigated Learning Collaborative are self-funding the co-creation of Navigator. This collaboration continually refines and develops the capability and user experience of Navigator for all stakeholders.

Tech Partners

Some of our tech partners and how they are integrating Navigator.
Silverback Learning: US K12 LMS provider.
Hovercam: US K12 Classroom Tools provider.
ItsLearning: US K12 LMS provider.
Utter: Spoken English App provider in India and Thailand.
SAP: Corporate learning.

Sustainably Scale Lifelong Learning

Companies license Navigator to integrate into their applications. Philanthropists license Navigator for Mission Control. The Navigated Learning Collaborative has free and open access to Navigator.

Funders license Mission Control to monitor their philanthropic spends. Navigator is free to their grantees.

Annual license fee toward maintenance and operations


Tech partners license Navigator and integrate it into their products to sustainably scale

One-time implementation cost and annual license fees

Implementation +$1/user/year

Navigator is free and open to all Navigated Learning Collaborative members

Full access to Learning Navigator


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