Replication is NOT Scaling

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An approach that works in one socio-cultural context with one set of users and educators is likely not going to work when replicated in another environment. This is the challenge of scaling education outcomes. Replication is not scaling. Navigated Learning is designed for scale.

Join the many success stories of schools and districts using the Learning Navigator to improve learning outcomes

Technology Licensed to Companies and Free to Users

Learning Navigator is free to users while partners who leverage Navigator support the operations cost through their programs. The R&D for Navigator is in part supported with research and philanthropic funding. However, a large part of our costs of maintaining and enhancing the technology and the various applications is supported by the licensing revenues we generate from technology companies that integrate Navigator technology in their applications.

Scale to reach every student

Investment in education technology worldwide is expected to increase. Navigator is very convenient for EdTech companies that serve corporate learning, K12 and skills training to bring the GPS-like experience, and evidence of learning, to their users and with their content. Navigator’s technology is packaged as NCore with APIs and widgets. EdTech companies license and integrate NCore into their applications.

Navigator Works Across the Ladder

Some of our early customers who have licensed NCore (Navigator Core) include:
Silverback Learning: US K12 LMS provider
Hovercam: US K12 Classroom Tools provider
ItsLearning: US K12 LMS provider
Utter: Spoken English App provider in India and Thailand

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