Systemic Change

Navigator enables stakeholders with aligned beliefs and values to coordinate using shared measurement.

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Because Navigator supports every stakeholder in the learning ecosystem with real-time data and transparency that promotes self-regulation, it enables systemic change.

Join the many success stories of schools and districts using the Learning Navigator to improve learning outcomes

Real-time feedback

Navigator's real-time feedback enables all stakeholders, including students, teachers, parents, administrators, curriculum providers, and funders, to self-regulate and coordinate to optimize gains for learners.

Shared Measurements

Learning Navigator makes real-time learning gains data transparent to all stakeholders that contribute to it.

This enables each stakeholder to measure the efficacy of their work and regulate their ways to improve outcomes for the learners further. For example, Content providers can enhance the activities of specific competencies while Administrators can enable teacher professional development of data-informed instructions.

As stakeholders self-regulate, new experience emerges for the learner from improvements of the interrelated parts, to enable more optimal outcomes for the entire system.

Sustainably Scale

Navigator innovation is funded through grants from governments, philanthropists, corporations, and individuals from around the world. As a result, Navigator applications are free for users around the world.

Partners that leverage Navigator with their cohorts, incorporate the costs of operations into their work. This enables Navigated Learning to scale globally.

Companies that integrate Navigator technology into their applications pay a license fee. This rvenue is used to further support our mission to honor the human right to education.

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