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Practitioners validate content and practices for outcomes.

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Real-time Data to Inform Practice

Practitioners in the learning ecosystem include educators, curriculum developers, and implementers. They use Navigator to validate the science, technology, and practice for outcomes. Content providers validate the engagement and efficacy of their open and premium content. Schools validate their current practices for learning gains with the Navigator. Practitioners have unlimited use of Navigator for their cohorts, and interact with the collaborative through newsletters and at conferences to validate and evolve the efficacy of their learning practices.

Content Providers: Content providers, implementers, groups with highly curated and scrutinized open education resources, and administrators bring expertise and content to Navigator courses. We welcome content experts from any discipline, in any language, for any age group, with any type of curated content. Content providers develop a competency model and migrate their existing content to be aligned with the competency model. Once content is added, tagged with metadata, and crosswalked to standards, content providers can evaluate the content’s efficacy and share highly curated content with learners and help them achieve learning outcomes. Based on learning outcomes and tracking metrics, content providers can quickly iterate on content to improve learning gains.

As a content provider you will be joining a mission to support learning outcomes for all learners and innovating an existing product used by millions.

Partner with Us

SERP contributes their MathByExample and AlgebraByExample content to math Learning Maps in the Navigator Library.

SkillsCommon is making its library of free and open learning resources to the Learning Navigator to facilitate instructors and learning everywhere.

MERLOT is making its entire library of learning resources available on the Learning Navigator that facilitate instructors and learners around the world.

Next Gen Personal Finance has implemented the Learning Navigator into its financial education courses.

The India Education Collective is implementing Navigator in Hindi in grades 1 through 5 across India and adding learning resources in Hindi to Navigator's catalog.

Tool Providers: Tool providers can integrate their tools into Navigator or build and distribute third-party tools via APIs. Tool providers contribute to building a comprehensive toolbar to enhance and support learner learning in varied areas, such as tools for special education, decoder, glossary, text-to-speech, speech-to-text, graphing tools, notepad, or peer-to-peer.

Tool providers can access thousands of varied learners and instructors to study the efficacy and validity of their tools and track use and learning outcomes. Tool providers will define the tracking and metadata surrounding their tools to enable monitoring at different grain sizes. As a tool provider you join a mission to support learning outcomes for all learners, while simultaneously innovating an existing product used by millions.

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Gooru is a non profit dedicated to the human right of education. It makes learning tools to facilitate educators and learners everywhere.

Implementers: Implementers are K-12 districts, non-traditional classrooms, and post-secondary schools who wish to implement Navigator. Governmental organizations, government-sponsored programs, post secondary schools, adult learning, skills training programs, remedial programs, and soft skills programs are implementing Navigator to track learning outcomes in real-time based on learner progress and provide additional support to struggling learners. Implementers can access Navigator's Mission Control dashboards at the learner, class, district, and state levels. Mission Controls provides clear and easy-to-understand analytics on what is and isn't working to make data informed decisions. 

Partner with Us

Gyan Prakash is bringing the Learning Navigator in Marathi to teachers and students in grades 1 through 5 in the state of Maharashtra.

The India Education Collective is implementing the Navigator in Hindi in grades 1 through 5 across India.

Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation is using Navigator to prepare local elected officials with basic knowledge about governance in the Panchayati Raj system in India.

SAP is implementing the Navigator to locate their learners and enhance their programs in their SAP academy.