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Crosswalk in the Learning Navigator

Crosswalk in the Learning Navigator

Crosswalk can be used by applications to relate a standard in a variety of frameworks to standards in any other framework.

Example #1

Given a standards framework, a standard code and requested framework, the Learning Navigator’s crosswalk feature will provide the comparable standard code in the requested framework.

Example #2

Crosswalk enables the return of the same resources aligned to similar standards.  For example, the resource below is aligned to a similar 3rd grade standard across multiple states.


The Sandbox is a separate environment that gives the ability for partners to test out the Learning Navigator’s Catalog, Search and other APIs. Partners can send an email to request an account to access Gooru APIs from the Sandbox. Once you receive your key, you can access Navigator APIs to see the catalog or specific resources, collections or assessments, and try out the Crosswalk and Suggest APIs.

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