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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do you have content related to students with special needs?

    • We do not have currently have content focused for students with additional needs, though users can create adaptive content on Gooru to support students.

  2. For the core API’s, suggest and crosswalk:

    • Are these always packaged together, or can they be licensed individually?

      • They come free with our catalog - suggest + crosswalk + catalog = a package

      • Parts of the catalog can be licensed separately

      • Suggest can also be licensed by itself. Not to be explicitly mentioned on our website for now.

    • How do these work with the catalog, and is the catalog needed for these to work?

      • Yes, these tools comes with our catalog free of charge. Catalog is needed for these to work. Suggest can still be licensed separately without licensing our entire catalog. In such cases suggest just returns 5-10 resources per standard. The catalog would be needed for Suggest APIs. It is not needed for the Crosswalk API as a partner like itslearning could apply our crosswalk to their content via the API - this is an outlier though

    • What is our “recommended package” for this? Meaning if people can split this up into individual components, how is it designed to be most effective, and therefore how do we recommend it be licensed?

      • Our recommended package is to license entire catalog and integrate all the tools that comes with it for best use

  3. Catalog

    • If you license the catalog, do you now get everything - resources through courses? Right now it appears that way based on what’s in that section of this doc.

      • You can license a, b and c individually or any combination of a, b and c:

        • a. Resources and Questions only

        • b. Assessment and Collection only

        • c.  Courses only

  4. Core Tools

    • It appears that all of these tools are licensed independent of the catalog and independent of each other, yes?

      • The Live Assessments tool comes with assessments.

    • For Live Assessments, would we recommend getting the catalog as well so that there is also access to content? Same for the content builder and the catalog?

      • The Live Assessments tool will play the assessment and provide data in real-time. It is separate from the catalog. They will get the catalog of assessments though. We are not trying to sell content builder for now (removed that section)

  5. Core Implementation Services

    • Seems like we should include a list of GIS partners and that Silverback is currently our only one. Should we list them as a partner for now, and can/will they serve people outside of Idaho?

      • What about Edu Collaborators? Where do they fit?

    • Curated course libraries - How do GIS partners build customized libraries for organizations? Is this based on content that an org creates for itself?

      • GIS partners should help their schools/districts create libraries in a way that makes sense for that school/district’s community.

Post Sales

  1. How often is Gooru’s catalog updated?

    • Gooru’s Catalog is updated every month.

  2. How will we know if a resource is deleted?

    • There is a Navigator API which will give you the deleted items from our index. Now you need to find matching items in our DB/index to delete them. Please note, this activity should be done before you import or pull latest files from S3 servers.

  3. How do we know when to pull and process a file?  Do we have to track the time & date of each file we process and poll for updates?

    • Currently its manual process which means we will notify you about the availability of new files. However in future you can setup a job at your end and poll for updates based on date and time.

  4. If we see a file in the s3 bucket does that mean that it is ready for download or is there a chance that it is exposed as it is still being written?

    • It will always be complete file because we will copy the file in our day time and you can pull at your day time. In future you can set job to pull the file at your daytime.

  5. On the thumbnail field, is there a public link that we can hit from the web?

    • There is no public link for the thumbnail however you need to form the link. You can call this API to get 'cdn_urls' in response. In 'cdn_urls' you will get 'content_cdn_url'. Value of this 'content_cdn_url' + 'thumbnail' field will give you complete thumbnail path.

  6. Do you verify that all links in the file are valid or do we need to filter out dead links?

    • Yes, we have job setup to check the dead links. This job runs monthly and accordingly we update the metadata. I will send you separate email on how to detect if the link is dead.

  7. For the full export of metadata will we download 1 large single file or will it be broken up into smaller files?

    • Yes, there will be only one file.

Interested in Gooru's Catalog?

 If you are interested in learning more about incorporating our catalog into your product or service, please email us at partners@gooru.org.