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Gooru provides a range of tools and API’s to help you integrate the Learning Navigator into your application.

Integrate the Catalog

Our catalog provides educators and students with incredible diversity and choice to ensure that every learning need is addressed. We offer a variety of tools to help you integrate our content with your application.

Sample Resources for Blended Search

The Learning Navigator’s open content catalog can be integrated into your application’s index to provide a blended search of our open content and any premium content you host for your customers. Take a look at our sample catalog which contains 1000 resources, collections and assessments with URLs and some sample metadata. Partners can import this spreadsheet into their content index and use the metadata to find the appropriate content.

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Crosswalk in the Learning Navigator has been designed to enable educators to find pedagogically appropriate resources irrespective of which standards framework an educator used while tagging them. Any education product can power its search tool with our crosswalk feature enabling customers to find standards-aligned content within the product’s own system.

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The Learning Navigator’s suggest feature enables your customers to find high-quality resources aligned to any standard across several state frameworks, as well as the CCSS, NGSS, and C3 Framework. The Learning Navigator supports 47 standards frameworks for English Language Arts and mathematics, and 19 standards frameworks for science. Suggestions can also be personalized if the Learning Navigator is aware of the student’s learner profile.

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The Sandbox is a separate environment that gives the ability for partners to test out the Learning Navigator’s Catalog, Search and other APIs. Partners can send an email to request an account to access Gooru APIs from the Sandbox. Once you receive your key, you can access Navigator APIs to see the catalog or specific resources, collections or assessments, and try out the Crosswalk and Suggest APIs.

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Player Widget

The Learning Navigator Player Widget has been designed to play all types of content, including collections, assessments, and resources. Customize the Player Widget to play content seamlessly and create a cohesive learning experience for your customers.

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Bring the Learning Navigator to Your Customers

Seamlessly integrate the Learning Navigator to make access easy and efficient for your customers.


Tenancy allows partners to customize the Learning Navigator and secure their data and content from open access. Tenancy provides greater access to custom reporting and an admin account,  and allows the ability to establish tenancy without a need for additional requests.

  1. An administrator creates tenancy for their organization within Gooru by sending an email to Gooru.

  2. Gooru creates a new tenant for the partner organization and shares the tenant ID with the administrator.

  3. The administrator customizes the look of their tenancy UI within Gooru.

  4. Once a partner has established tenancy, they the can establish one or more sub-tenants.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Gooru supports multiple SSO protocols so you can integrate our solution into your application. Partners specify the SSO model they would like to work with: SAML, WSFED, Shibboleth, or LTI, and Gooru will help with the integration process.

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Roster Sync

Rostering is a process of sharing schools’ data with the Learning Navigator to ease the process of setting up a classroom. The Learning Navigator supports roster data that is OneRoster v1.x compliant.

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Interested in Gooru's Toolkit?

 If you are interested in learning more about incorporating our tools into your product or service, please email us at partners@gooru.org.