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Gooru Tools to Enhance Your Application

We collaborate with innovative educators, administrators, and researchers to give every teacher the most effective instructional practices amplified with innovative technology. Integrate classroom-ready tools from our Learning Navigator seamlessly into your application. With our built-in multi-tenancy, your application can have logical separation of data, content, and users on Gooru.

Live Assessments

Provide teachers with real-time data to target intervention and accelerate achievement for every student in the class. Gooru’s real-time assessment capability allows teachers to facilitate formative assessments, monitor student data in real-time, and intervene instantly to quickly correct misconceptions, deepen understanding, and individualize instruction.

Gooru provides nine, SBAC and PARCC-aligned assessment item types that can be used to generate immediately actionable data.

Mobile Navigator

Gooru’s Learning Navigator is being developed as a mobile app to support independent learning. Users will be able to search any topic, obtain a personalized learning route based on their knowledge and skill levels, and navigate through their learning at their own pace. The mobile app is designed to complement and enhance our already existing web app and the classroom practices that are critical for student learning.  

A working prototype of the Mobile Navigator will be available summer 2018. We are partnering with innovative educators and organizations to ensure the best design and user experience possible. If you would like to join us in the co-creation of the app by piloting it and providing your valuable expertise, please contact us at partners@gooru.org.

Interested in Gooru's Tools?

If you are interested in learning more about incorporating our tools into your product or service, please email us at partners@gooru.org.