Assured Outcomes through Gooru's GPS for Learning

Gooru innovates to assure learning for everyone. We developed Navigator, a GPS for learning, that locates each learner’s current knowledge, skills, and mindsets, and then builds a personalized path to their destination. Gooru developed the free and open Navigator tool to empower instructors to implement Navigated Learning and give learners agency to meet their learning goals.Navigator brings together research and practice with an extensive curated catalog of open education resources that enables the implementation of Navigated Learning in diverse settings.


Navigator uses AI techniques to personalize adaptive learning at scale. This is made possible by locating each learner’s proficiency, preferences, portfolio, and mindsets. Navigator curates activities for relevance, engagement, and efficacy by operationalizing core learning science data.



Researchers and lab schools, with support from funders, work to continually refine and innovate Navigator for all users. Creating Navigator with experts in a variety of fields helps to address the complexities of learning and engages the entire learning ecosystem to enable systemic change. Rapid and data informed innovation is required to address the complexities, challenges, and diversity of learners.

Research to Practice


Schools, content providers, tool developers, implementers, and other practitioners validate all aspects of the Navigator tools and technologies to accelerate outcomes. The continuous validation process empowers all stakeholders with real-time data that can substantiate their work and coordinate efforts to ensure every learner reaches their destination.



Navigator has already scaled globally, reaching more than 6 million learners worldwide. The uses and users of Navigator are tremendously diverse. In the United States, Navigator is currently implemented in K-12 education classrooms and skills training programs, as well as by a large Silicon Valley corporation and the US Department of Defense. In India, Navigator is used in civil service training; it is also being piloted in two states for K-12 learning, with plans to scale to 10 million students by 2022. Additionally, Navigator is implemented in Europe and Southeast Asia for English language learning, in Morocco for technical skills training, and in South Africa for teacher professional development. Navigator's flexibility gives partners the ability to scale its tools to any subject, for any learner, and in any language.


Navigated Learning Collaborative

The Navigated Learning Collaborative (NLC) includes all of Navigator's innovators, practitioners, and partners who contribute to innovation, validation, and scaling Navigated Learning. Collaborators leverage Navigator in ways specific to their needs while working together towards the goal of ensuring equitable learning outcomes for all learners and advancing Navigator for all users..

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