Navigator is a GPS for Learning

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Navigator is a GPS for Learning

Three ways to get started:

  1. Schools: Get started with Navigator in minutes
  2. Skills & Professional Learning: Setup a custom white-labeled platform
  3. EdTech Providers: License the technology and upgrade your existing learning platforms
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Three ways to get started



  • Gooru Navigator applications for Students, Teachers, Parents, and Leaders
  • Open Learning Resources for Grades 2-12 Math, and Middle School Science and ELA
  • Training for Teachers, 24×7 Email Support
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  • Set up a private instance, add your own competency frameworks, content, and tools
  • Gooru Navigator applications for Learners, Instructors, Guardians, Leaders (Mission Control), Curriculum Designers (Library), IT Admins, Researchers, and Tool Developers on a hosted service with strong governance
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  • License Gooru Navigator source code for Community, Enterprise, and Intelligence Editions
  • License fees can be from incremental revenues generated by the Company
  • Gooru uses the license fees to enhance the Navigator by prioritizing your requirements

Why We Need a GPS for Learning

To establish equity and excellence in learning, we recognize that any meaningful solution will require changes to the way we think about education and how we measure learning outcomes. This is a complex process. In order to effect real change, our strategy must:

  • Be designed for equity
  • Enable lifelong learning at scale
  • Uphold privacy and keep data secure
  • Provide total choice as to why, what, where, and how to learn
  • Be interoperable
  • Include all types of learning activities
  • Work in low-technology environments, and
  • Continually improve
Complexity of Challenges

Products for the Whole Ecosystem

To address these many complex requirements, we have collaborated with partners in K-12 school districts and experts across disciplines to develop an experience called Navigated Learning. Navigated Learning is a data-rich approach rooted in the learning sciences, utilizing real-time information about each user’s progress to construct personalized learning pathways. We have validated our work with researchers in the science of learning, developing an integrated learning exchange that enables all stakeholders to interact and accelerate outcomes.

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Navigator Tools

  • Tools for the whole ecosystem, Learners, Instructors, Leaders, and more
  • Open source and ready to use
  • Powerful AI to drive personalized learning and actionable insight
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Navigator Courses

  • Courses designed to leverage the Navigated Learning approach
  • Provide instructors actionable insights
  • Accelerate equitable learning outcomes among all learners
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Learning Object Repository

  • Our LOR contains more than 4 million high-quality, curated activities
  • Comprehensive metadata tags that include outcomes measures
  • Standards-aligned and ready to use
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Explore the Gooru Navigator Tools

No need to replace or switch from what you have

Take the tools you already use

Add Gooru Navigator, a GPS for learning

Enhance your learning outcomes

Who We Serve

The Navigator suite of tools benefits the entire learning ecosystem, from learners, schools, and teachers, to organizations, researchers, funders, and technology and content developers. Explore how the ecosystem is leveraging Gooru Navigator.


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  • All stakeholders gain access to data; district leaders, superintendents, curriculum providers, and teachers.
  • One platform that aggregates data across digital learning tools 
  • Open content with rich metadata

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  • Plug in your research projects
  • Access anonymized and consented longitudinal datasets from millions of learners and educators
  • Leverage our Adaptive Learning Framework and Learning Maps

0 Research universities and schools

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  • Leverage over 4 million curated, metadata-rich resources tagged to competency frameworks
  • AI to generate competency frameworks using your corpus
  • Trained AI engine to facilitate a GPS for learning

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  • Create your own competency frameworks or use our growing library of open frameworks
  • Dashboards to track the quality of learning progress
  • Personalized pathways that improve learning outcomes

0 Organizations from 23 Countries

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Hear From Our Users

We couldn’t accomplish our mission without our collaborators who include school administrators to business leaders. Read some testimonials from those who use Navigator.

How Gooru Navigator Works 

  • First, we enable data aggregation – You are empowered to aggregate and manage your data in a Data Lake that you own.
  • Second, we help you understand your learners – Providing you an increasingly comprehensive understanding of each learner’s gaps, needs, and proficiency.
  • Third, we empower you to leverage your data – Learners are provided highly personalized pathways while instructors, guardians, and leaders have access to real-time, actionable insights to support the learner.
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Navigated Learning is Unique


Learning paradigm built on standards-aligned competency frameworks


Leadership use real-time insights to achieve their organization's goals

Productivity Boost

Instructors increase their productivity by up to 20%

Own Your Data

Aggregate data across activities, adhering to local privacy and global data security norms


Learners get personalized pathways to accelerate learning outcomes by 2X

Open Source

Developed in collaboration with learning providers from around the world


Come join our many users and collaborators

Navigator is free for independent learners and instructors, and we only charge implementation and support fees to institutions adopting Navigator at scale to cover costs.
Independent Learners & Instructors
Never billed
Download our Navigator app or use our web portalDownload our Navigator app or use our web portal
Access all open contentAccess all open content
Access to Gooru's premium features including real time assessmentsAccess to Gooru's premium features including real time assessments
Free updates of content, tools and functionalityFree updates of content, tools and functionality
You will always own your dataYou will always own your data
Free sign up
Institutions & Organizations
$1/active user/year
Cost recovery subject to the minimum fees (based on the minimum number of users as per the size of the organization)
Get a white-labeled tenancyGet a white-labeled tenancy
Personalized training providedPersonalized training provided
Personalize the experience with your own contentPersonalize the experience with your own content
Access to all Gooru Navigator applicationsAccess to all Gooru Navigator applications
You own your data. Gooru doesn’t see any user data in any formYou own your data. Gooru doesn’t see any user data in any form
Access community knowledge base for resources and support Access community knowledge base for resources and support
Reach out for pricing
Never billed
Plug in your Research ProjectsPlug in your Research Projects
Access rich data setsAccess rich data sets
Integrate with our Adaptive Learning FrameworkIntegrate with our Adaptive Learning Framework
Leverage Open Learning MapsLeverage Open Learning Maps
Access community knowledge base for resources and support Access community knowledge base for resources and support
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