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Gooru innovates to accelerate learning for everyone. We developed Navigator, a GPS for learning, that builds a personalized path to guide learners to their destination. The free and open Navigator tool empowers instructors to implement Navigated Learning and give learners agency to meet their learning goals. Navigator brings together research and practice with an extensive curated catalog of standards aligned open education resources and facilitates systemic change by providing real-time actionable insights to learners, instructors, leadership, and all other stakeholders.

Learners studying in a classroom or at home, with instructors or independently, across any discipline, language and geography learn with digital tools or offline, rubric graded activities and are precisely located. Their personalized pathway of activities suit a learner’s abilities, preferences, and portfolio to inclusively and equitably accelerate outcomes across all learners.

Navigator - a GPS for Learning

Navigator is a GPS for Learning that provides a personalized route based on each learner's current proficiency, portfolio, preferences and mindsets. Navigator is intended to be used with the existing curriculum and implemented with the current norms and practicing of the instructor. Navigator reroutes a learner based on their performance until they reach their learning destination. Navigator echoes the adaptive maps experience for learners across K-12, HigherEd, Skills Training, and Professional Learning.


Locate the Learner with Precision

Navigator works by locating the learner’s knowledge, skills, and mindsets with precision and updates in real-time based on interactions with a wide range of formative assessment approaches. Navigator uses a variety of curated resources and tools, that supplement curricular content, to navigate the learner to their learning destination. The resources and tools can be from any provider in the learning ecosystem.

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Real-time Actionable Insights for All Stakeholders

Navigator provides real-time data and actionable insights to all stakeholders so they can coordinate and promote learning outcomes. Navigator offers applications for all stakeholders such as instructors, leadership, administrators, and curriculum designers. Instructors monitor progress and offer personalized interventions, school and organization leadership review performance and scale success, and curriculum designers track the use, engagement, and effectiveness of their curriculum.

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Navigator Impact District-Wide

K-12 learners are given agency to study independently on their personalized learning journey. They receive individualized route and re-route suggestions based on their interactions with the full spectrum of learning activities and they can track their own learning with real-time data and visualizations. Learners can study synchronously with peers in Class Activities or independently with offline with projects.

Gooru = Grateful

"I am beyond grateful for GOORU!!! With the remote learning we are asked to do during this difficult time, I am not worried about my students. Staying home and being able to provide lessons has been a blessing! I tried my first "class activity" today and pushed out my next standard, coordinate grids, I was going to teach in class and I am able to watch them "live" as their scores come in! Right now my class is averaging an 83% on NEW material!" Elaine T., Teacher 5th grade, Lab School

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7M+ users across Disciplines and Geographies

Navigator is being used in Pre-K, K-12, HigherEd, Skills Training, and Professional Learning settings across languages and technology infrastructures to fill gaps, review on grade level content, and accelerate learners. Primary school students, in rural India, where only the teacher has a smartphone, learn in Hindi and Marathi, in the US, Morocco, and India factory workers are being trained in soft skills, engineers in a large Silicon Valley software company and teachers in two districts are using the Navigator for their in-house professional development learning.

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