The Learning Navigator offers over 50 free, teacher-curated courses which teachers can remix and customize to meet the unique needs of their students. Courses are designed and vetted by teacher content experts and implemented in classrooms with students across the nation.

What Courses are Available in the Learning Navigator?

The teacher curated courses cover a variety of subjects across K-12 education. They are now available to be used by teachers and students anywhere.

How Do We Ensure Quality?

Our featured courses have undergone a badging process to ensure they meet our standards for content quality and that they best support personalized learning and instruction. The badging process includes review against the Gooru Quality Content Rubric, a peer review process, and a final review to ensure the course is an exemplary representation for the district or organization where the course was designed and implemented.

Our Featured Courses

Gooru provides a variety of different content on a wide array of subjects, so no matter the courses you are teaching, our Learning Navigator will pair your students with the course material they need to succeed.  Currently, we are highlighting some of our most popular courses: English Language Arts, Algebra, Integrated Science, and Marine Biology.  Each course covers the core principles of the subject and helps students to then review what they have learned.  Educators will also be able to view each class member's progress and performance on these assessments.

Resources Available To You

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