Bring Navigator to your applications and users. Partners can leverage Navigator and its tools in custom ways to suit their specific user needs and enhance their products with Navigator’s capabilities, including open competency frameworks, open content, underlying technology, tools, and a trained AI engine. Navigator integrates into a variety of applications serving a range of partners and their users. Navigator uses AI techniques to personalize learning activities and assures learning by locating the learners’ current knowledge and mindsets, tracking their progress, and filling gaps with open education resources.

Navigator for Partners

Our partners can leverage Navigator as an equity enabler that brings transparency into the learner’s proficiencies, activities, and preferences. Gooru’s technology is continually being refined and can be integrated into a variety of environments, technologies, and platforms. Partners across industries and learning disciplines worldwide can license and integrate Navigator tools into their applications in custom ways to enhance their learning solutions.

Partners can license tools, leverage Navigator APIs and widgets, or utilize a white-labeled Navigator courses to develop custom solutions to integration. Through this integration, partners gain access to Gooru’s Navigator Library, NCore technology, and in-depth learner analytics.

Leverage Navigator Tools and APIs

Navigator APIs and widgets save partners time and resources by integrating into existing and next-generation products. A large number of researchers from around the world who have operationalized the science of learning with big data are contributing to the development of Navigator. All tools and content built on the Navigator are for the exclusive use of their users.

API Documents

Navigated Learning

Based on the learner’s Skyline and destination, they receive an individualized pathway which factors in multiple aspects of their profile, including their preferences. The learner’s pathway dynamically updates to provide new or additional learning suggestions based on their performance to help them master the concepts.

Data Driven

Learning data drives Navigator. Navigator produces a dynamic real-time view of the learner’s knowledge and mindsets across all facets of learning and provides partners and instructors with actionable, data-driven insights they can use to effectively support the learning.

Curated Catalog

Partners access Navigator’s curated catalog of OER web content with enhanced metadata and to provide instructors, learners, curriculum developers, and partners access to rich-media content like video, webpages and interactives. Gooru has specifically curated Math Navigator learning activities that have been aligned to competencies. The content spans resources from different publishers and includes collections, questions, assessments, and offline activities. Partners can access the catalog using search API and use the activities within their applications.

White-Labeled Navigator Courses

Partners can bring their own branding to Gooru’s Navigator courses. Any partner with a curriculum can bring their complete course to Navigator, filling any gaps with competency-aligned open education resources from the Navigator Library. Gooru can map your own competencies in any subject or skill area where your learners need to achieve mastery.

Our partners can use our already published highly curated Math Navigator courses for 2nd grade through high school. Learners’ initial Skylines can be established using a diagnostic, via their NWEA MAP scores, or their instructors’ assertion of their math levels. Learners’ can study on their personalized routes built from their Skylines and destinations, with reroute suggestions made from our curated Math catalog. Instructors are supported with suggestions for learning challenges and areas of struggles, along with access to content for performing live learning. Instructors can track the progress of individual learners as well as the overall class. The different stakeholders such as school and district administrators can get access to a wide range of insights in Mission Control. Partners can white-label the Navigator tools and provide an integrated experience for all their users.

Locate the Learner

The learner’s proficiency and Skyline in any facet can be continuously tracked by sending the activity stream data for the learner to Navigator. The activity stream data can include data about learners’ interaction events with learning activities, learner data about assessment items, and/or aggregate performance in the assessments. Navigator will compute not only mastery in aligned competencies, but also compute other measures such as preferences, mindsets, citizenship, authority, and reputation.

Administrators establish a competency model for their discipline(s) of study, roster their learners, and use existing data about the learners to establish a Skyline.

Classroom Practice

LMS providers can leverage the Navigator for Instructor tool to enable their instructors to schedule and teach an entire class using rich media content while tracking progress and performance. The instructors can get insights into which learners are struggling with their grade-level competencies and get suggestions from Navigator to help overcome them. Instructors can view the Skyline of individual learners, get reports of the progress of the class by domain, and intervene to support their learners.

Navigated LMS

IS and LMS providers can extend the capabilities of their products to become a next generation Navigated LMS by adding support for navigated learning. Learners can get personalized routes and reroute suggestions by including the Navigator for Learners tool. Instructors can get insights into how the class is doing, track individual learner progress and performance and enhance their classroom practices with rich media resources and live learning by integrating the Navigator for Instructors tool. School and district administrators can get an overview and deep insights into how their classes and schools are performing via data rich dashboards and drill downs by integrating the Mission Control tool. Curriculum developers can access our open catalog and create collections, assessments, and offline activities for their tenant library using the Navigator Library tool.