Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Education is a fundamental human right, and Gooru aims to enable equal educational access and opportunity worldwide. We continue to see localized success through amazing instructors and prestigious academic programs and are all working to scale that success.

Outcomes for All

We believe technology can be a catalyst to unite communities and a linchpin to creating collective impact. Technology can give learners, instructors, and schools real-time analytic tools and unlimited access to engaging, effective resources for anywhere, anytime learning. Navigator is inclusive by design for all learners across geographies, disciplines, and learner abilities. No learner should be left behind.

We Work Better Together

Gooru aspires to make social equity non-negotiable. Gooru is committed to honor the human right to education by co-creating with experts research and technology that enable the ecosystem to focus on assured learning. Gooru collaborates with researchers and educators to develop open-source technologies to assure inclusive lifelong learning worldwide. We have created and continue to grow an organization of mission-aligned, obsessively driven, team players who tackle complex social challenges by enrolling and collaborating with the community of experts. Together we empower every student to learn and progress on their own path toward achieving their learning goals.

Our Beliefs and Values

We Believe

Education is a Human Right: Equity means equal access to results, not just resources. We need to navigate every learner toward their learning destination, regardless of where they begin.

Learning Begins with an Instructor: Learning is a relationship, not a transaction. Classroom practices are paramount to effective learning. While the learner has to take agency and engage in learning, the instructor has a significant role in enabling that engagement and learning.

Learning is Complex and Personal: Each learner and their journey is unique. We work with educators, pedagogy experts, learning science researchers, and implementers, and use big data to see the small-picture about each learner. Navigator is informed by practice and backed by science.

Our Values

Passion that Inspires: We love what we do. By demonstrating our sincerity and optimism, and acting with the heart of an activist , we enroll others in the mission. We share our work to engage and inspire a community to open-source their expertise.

Collaboration that Builds Success: Our willingness to share and contribute draws others to open engagement and become part of this coalition of caring. Approaching challenges as a shared responsibility and value collective accomplishments.

Actions with Impact: By focusing on tangible outcomes, beyond plans, theories, and publications we are able to work with urgency and purpose to reach scalable solutions. We contribute directly to collective goals by taking ownership and continuously improving on our organizational work.

Our Funders

We are grateful to our funders who continue to help us reach our goal of honoring the human right to education.