Navigator for Students

The Learning Navigator helps students understand where they are and how to reach their learning goals. Students can study content that has been created for them by their teachers or explore topics in support of their own independent learning.

Engage with Content

Students access educator-curated content in the form of individual resources, collections, assessments, and courses. To help engage all types of learners, content is available in a variety of formats such as websites, interactive games, videos, audio files and digital text.

Review Performance Data

As students progress through content, they can review their performance and ask for support from teachers and peers as needed.

Explore Independent Learning Opportunities

Students search the Learning Navigator to locate content for their own academic purposes, such as research for projects and homework assignments, or to create their own collections of resources to demonstrate understanding of a topic.

Resources Available To You

Browse the Navigator’s featured library to get an overview of the content available.

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