Navigator for Teachers

The Learning Navigator allows teachers to personalize educator-curated content and learning pathways based on individual student needs. Teachers can use the Learning Navigator to help them implement blended learning and the use of open educational resources (OER) in their classrooms.

Search, Remix or Create High Quality Content

Create content using the millions of open and free resources and educator-curated collections, assessments, and courses in our catalog. Items are tagged with rich metadata and cover a variety of K-12 topics. The content created and shared by educators is easily customizable for personalized learning in the classroom.

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Facilitate Formative Assessments

While students work through formative assessments, monitor a real-time dashboard to track progress for the entire class. Using the Learning Navigator’s powerful analytics, intervene instantly and tailor learning experiences to meet their students’ individual needs.

Monitor Student Progress

As students complete courses, review their performance and the progress they are making toward understanding key standards and competencies along the way.

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Resources Available To You

Check out these resources for guidance on using the Learning Navigator’s features.