The Navigated Learning Collaborative makes it easy for collaborators to bring their expertise to innovate Navigator. Collaborators in the Navigated Learning Collaborative in the United States are implementing, innovating, and validating Navigator in a variety of ways. Gooru works with every partner to meet their individual needs by understanding their requirements and enhancing Navigator to work for their cohorts.

K-12 Lab Schools

The K-12 schools across the country currently implementing Navigator continue to provide invaluable insight into how we can best support learners and instructors. Our design process is iterative and we prioritize feedback from students, teachers, and administrators when making product decisions.

Currently, Leadership Public Schools, Galt Joint Union Elementary School District, Lammersville Unified School District, Park County School District, and Val Verde Unified School District are using Navigator to provide students with personalized learning journeys and teachers with data they can use to make real-time decisions.

Because of the wide range of tools and functionalities available, teachers can customize how they use Navigator in their classrooms.

Research Projects

Gooru has established strong partnerships with learning science researchers at multiple institutions, combining their education expertise with Gooru’s rapid prototyping, data science expertise, and broad user base.

Dr. Teomara (Teya) Rutherford at the University of Delaware is working to understand how motivation and self-regulation feature in learners’ choices within Math Navigator, how those choices illustrate strengths and areas of improvement in social-emotional learning, and the actionable insights they provide for instructors.

Dr. Nancy Butler Songer is Dean of School of Education at the University of Utah and a Visiting Scholar at Gooru. Dr. Songer collaborates with Gooru’s laboratory-at-scale for a range of research questions on learning science knowledge development, learner soft-skills development, teacher professional development, and the examination of classroom practices with technology-enhanced pedagogical innovation.

NSF DRK-12 Grant: In the Life Right Here and Everywhere project, middle school learners are constructing arguments to support the development of abstract and complex Next Generation Science knowledge. Gooru is collaborating with Dr. Nancy Songer professor at University of Utah and Dr. Tanya Dewey professor at Colorado State University on this project.

Hewlett Foundation is funding a Teacher Professional Development Navigator that will address how to effectively use data and technology in the classroom. Teachers and administrators in the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District have provided feedback throughout the process and will pilot the course with curriculum coaches in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Government and Workplace Skills Training

Navigator’s technology is able to work in any industry to learn any discipline. Gooru has had successful implementation across government and workplace skills training.

Department of Defense Training

Advanced Distributed Learning (part of the US Department of Defense) funded an initial implementation of Navigator as an interoperable learning exchange. Gooru extended Navigator to be xAPI compliant with support for xAPI statements from diverse sources, and converted native events into xAPI statements and stored them in an LRS.

Skills Commons

Skills Commons is migrating over 500 courses and training materials developed by the Department of Labor to Navigator for any user to access and use.

World Bank

The World Bank has leveraged Navigator to develop a soft skills course to include in the training of auto workers in Morocco. This successful proof of concept has led to future opportunities for Gooru to develop and scale into other sectors and industries in the Middle East and North Africa.


SAP SE, a European multinational software corporation is implementing the Navigator to locate their learners and to promote additional skill and knowledge development for programmers in their SAP academy.

Higher Education

California State University’s MERLOT

California State University curates open-educational resources for higher education as part of its Affordable Learning Solution. Their multimedia educational resource for learning and online teaching, MERLOT, is migrating all of its more than 88,000 learning resources to Navigator to create a more widely available and dynamic learning experience.

University of Memphis

University of Memphis is piloting Navigator with its PsychStat course. University of Memphis ADL Partnership Lab will be responsible for creation and validation of the course. They will also do efficacy evaluation of the Navigator courses


Silverback Learning

Silverback Learning’s Mileposts platform provides a holistic view of each student. Mileposts integrates Navigator technology to allow teachers access to Gooru’s catalog. Teachers search on Navigator’s extensive catalog and remix collections and assessments to assign to their students to complete on Navigator. The students’ performance data is sent to Mileposts for teachers to get a consolidated view of students’ progress.


Teachers using HoverCam’s document cameras and digital interactive panels in the classrooms get access to Navigator tools from their Flex 11 software. ClassFusion integrates with Navigator APIs to allow its competency model and catalog to support teachers build lessons on ClassFusion. The students’ performance metrics are sent to Navigator to locate and track their Skylines continuously then the students’ data are sent back to ClassFusion for teachers and students to monitor their progress and proficiency.


ItsLearning, a cloud based LMS, integrates with Navigator via the Catalog API to provide access to extensive content in multiple languages for their teachers to include in their courses. They use competency models that are crosswalked to all the United States state frameworks to enable advanced search from within their LMSand bring the navigated learning experience when students study with Navigator’s content.


GG4L is a membership based K-12 industry Collaborative whose members Pledge to adopt open industry standards, comply with student data privacy regulations and best practices, and support K-12 schools globally in deploying, sustaining and validating innovative EdTech solutions through strategic impact initiatives. GG4L implements Navigator and connects users via our Roster Data Integration Platform GG4L Connect and Single Sign On Solution School Passport.

Lifelong Learning

Next Gen Personal Finance is a non-profit who is developing a finance navigator to help everyone fill their knowledge gaps in personal finance. Their library of resources, available to all lifelong learners, is available on Navigator for any user.