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We have comprehensive Navigator experiences in Math, Science and ELA, with many more in development.

Gooru and the collaborator community have the ambitious goal of mapping out all of human knowledge and making it openly available for anyone to use. These efforts are ramping up quickly. If you are interested in contributing, join the effort today!

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US K-12 Math


US Science for 6th, 7th and 8th grade


US English Language Arts (ELA)


India K-12 Math


Professional Development

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Skills Development

(various limited domains)

Math Navigator is a comprehensive math course with content coverage from grade 2 through high school. It can be used to supplement math curricula in integrated or traditional course pathways, providing opportunities for support, practice, and enrichment. Math Navigator’s content includes a variety of Common Core aligned resources, videos, simulations, practice questions, and assessments designed to gauge mastery.

Learn more about the Math Navigator from this real-world story on its use.

The teacher’s Learning Journey page provides a high-level overview of student progress. 

Teachers can view a Class Proficiency Report showing individual student skylines. Each skyline can be clicked on and expanded.

The skyline is visible on the teacher’s page and on the student’s page. The numbers across the bottom of the chart represent domains, like Counting & Cardinality and Geometry. Each gray box represents one standard (competency) in that domain. As students learn and show mastery, the boxes fill in blue and the skyline (the thick white line) grows. The objective is for the skyline to reach the green destination line, marking grade-level proficiency.

Teachers can view, download, and print progress reports over any date range. These reports show the number of competencies gained by each student, as well as time spent on collections and assessments, average score, and the number of suggestions taken.

Science Navigator includes NGSS-aligned content for grades 6, 7, and 8 in the areas of Earth and Space Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Science and Engineering Practices. It can be used to supplement science curricula following traditional or integrated course pathways, including Stanford’s SCALE curriculum. Content includes standards-aligned videos, interactives, simulations, labs, and demonstrations, along with free-response questions, argumentation, offline projects, and machine-graded assessments. We are currently working to expand Science Navigator to include elementary and high school science.

Collections include a wide range of standards-aligned resources including interactives and simulations.

Science Navigator utilizes free-response questions to provide opportunities for students to brainstorm, plan investigations, hypothesize, and construct arguments.

In addition to open-ended responses, Science Navigator includes machine-graded Checks for Understanding (CFUs) to help assess mastery and to provide immediate feedback to students.

Science Navigator includes several offline activities and projects like this one. These activities often have linked instructions and multiple tasks that allow students to enter text, link documents, and upload images. Teachers can attach rubrics to these activities to use for grading.

English Language Arts (ELA) Navigator is coming soon. It will include Common Core aligned content from upper elementary to high school courses, providing opportunities for support and enrichment in foundational language skills, reading literature and informational texts, writing, and speaking. Content will include a variety of resources and multiple opportunities for students to practice ELA skills in machine-graded assessments, offline activities, and comprehensive projects.

There are a wide range of resources in ELA Navigator, including videos, websites, and document uploads.

ELA Navigator includes a variety of machine-graded questions to assess understanding. Question types include multiple-choice, text highlighting, drag-and-drop ordering, and categorizing.

ELA Navigator utilizes culturally-responsive projects and activities to assess larger, cumulative standards. For example, students explore ELA.L.7.4.A, Using Grade-Appropriate Vocabulary, through a project on the Climate Crisis, including videos, written guides, and free-response questions.

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