The Navigated Learning Collaborative has been expanding past our networks in the United States and India to reach international collaborators in various industries. We continue to work with each collaborator to develop unique solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Government and Workplace Skills Training

Navigator’s technology is able to work in any industry to learn any discipline. Gooru has had successful implementation across government and workplace skills training.

The World Bank. 

The World Bank has leveraged Navigator to develop a soft skills course to include in the training of auto workers in Morocco. This successful proof of concept has led to future opportunities for Gooru to develop and scale into other sectors and industries in the Middle East and North Africa.


SAP is implementing Navigator in the SAP Academy to create high quality learning experiences for its engineers. SAP is focused on bringing engineering fundamentals, customer orientation and compassionate leadership instruction to their employees through Navigator’s locating the learning capabilities. Entry level engineers from all of SAPs global offices will come together for a 3 month program using Navigator.



Guizhou Jingshi City Investment Intelligent Education Industry Co., LTD is dedicated to providing intelligent education services to education departments, schools and students by applying advanced data technology and educational cognition principles. JSCT will bring the Navigator, GPS like learning experience to its students in China in both English and Mandarin.

Xepto Computing

At Xepto Computing, Dado Banatao and the founding team provide learners in the Philippines curated and organized open learning content and overcome the challenges of the evolving infrastructure in the country. They use Gooru’s Learning Navigator for the 4M+ open learning resources curated into 40+ courses complete with assessments. Teachers remix educator curated content and use them in classroom instruction.