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Introducing the Online Learning Navigator!

The Learning Navigator is a free online  platform with high-quality educational resources and course materials that can be customized to any class’s curriculum and personalized for each individual student.

Join the community of students and educators using the platform and begin transforming your teaching and learning experience.

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Who Uses the Learning Navigator?

Our online platform is designed for the unique needs of both students and teachers. The resources and courses inside the Navigator are designed to bring learning to life and are easily searchable by subject, grade level, national and state standards, 21st century skills, and more.  Students can study online any time, in any place. Teachers can edit resources, create collections and materials, or design their own course curriculum.


Expand your education with online access to the highest quality courses, assessments, and resources, including interactive activities and rich media on our platform, designed to captivate and engage you. You can learn at your own pace, all while monitoring your progress towards your goals.

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Bring the best educational resources and course materials from across the web to your students, all in one place. Design your own curriculum, blend in powerful assessments and analytics, and reach each individual student by personalizing activities just for them.

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An aid to educators everywhere.

A full spectrum of educational resources, activities, and assessments are right at your fingertips. Our online platform was designed so that you can have access to the best available teacher-curated and research-based course materials to personalize for your students and develop into your own curriculum.

How does the Learning Navigator Work?

Our online platform contains millions of educational resources and materials that was designed to individualize learning for each student, supporting them to reach their goals regardless of where they start, the path they take, or the pace at which they move. Educators can make specific assignments based on their students’ needs and their curriculum objectives.

Find Teacher-Curated Content

Educators search the online catalog of teacher-curated course materials to design their own curriculum. Students  search the catalog for engaging, inspiring content to take their understanding deeper.

Engage with Learning Activities

Students join a classroom with curriculum designed by their teacher and engage with a full spectrum of educational materials that have been tailored just for them.They can jump around, go at their own pace, and dig deeper into materials from the topics that interest them.

Track Progress

As students engage with the resources on the platform, they and their teachers see real-time data about their effort and performance. Educators can then adjust their curriculum accordingly.

What is Gooru?

Gooru is an educational technology non-profit that is dedicated to making education equally accessible and empowering for every student. Gooru creates tools that enables educators to make learning fun for their students, saves quality time for students, and provides content to enhance their curriculum and researchers to share and “open-source” effective practices and content to improve educational outcomes for all on an interactive platform.

Gooru’s learning platform harnesses the best available educational resources and course materials from across the web so that you can design your own curriculum. If you have any questions regarding our online learning platform, its course materials and educational resources, or any other questions, please contact us today!