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Learning Navigator:
Every Student
Achieves Mastery

Gooru designed the Learning Navigator as a “GPS for Learning” — a way for each student to follow their own path to mastery. Schools ask every student to achieve the same level of proficiency, but each student begins with a different set of knowledge and skills. The Learning Navigator meets each student exactly where they are and navigates them to their learning goals.

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Students Accelerate their Learning

With the Learning Navigator, any student can accelerate their progress, whether they begin above, at, or below grade level. For historically underserved students who lacked access to high-quality learning opportunities in lower grades, the Learning Navigator provides a way to achieve grade-level proficiency more quickly. For advanced students who are ready to move ahead, the Learning Navigator provides an opportunity to stay engaged and continue to grow.

Within Navigator for Math, students have the opportunity to learn any math concept from grades 2-8. The Navigator “locates” exactly where a student is in their learning and then creates a unique, individualized learning route just for them. Then, it re-routes them based on their engagement and performance, building on what they have already learned and strengthening their confidence and motivation.

Skyline based on student location

Personalized learning route

Digital and offline resources

Reroute suggestion based on performance

Detailed reports

Navigator is powerful
Navigator provides each student with a truly personalized learning experience: each student is using exactly the right lessons and activities in every moment.

Teachers Monitor and Support
Each Student’s Progress

The Learning Navigator can be used by any teacher, or in classroom anywhere in the world.

Teachers can:
Create or customize any course with collections of open learning resources and assessments to use with their class.
Use Navigator during the school day for daily classroom activities to bring supplemental materials.
Utilize live assessments to continuously check the understanding of all their students.
Monitor their students’ progress and differentiate their instruction.
Access personalized suggestions of resources to meet each student’s needs.

Air Traffic Control View

Detailed Reports

Daily Class Activities

Teachers start with Formative Assessments
Teachers can assign formative assessments to the class. While students work through these, teachers can monitor a real-time dashboard to track progress for the entire class. Using the Learning Navigator’s powerful analytics, intervene instantly and tailor learning experiences to meet their students’ individual needs.

How does the Learning Navigator Work?

The Learning Navigator understands the capabilities and needs of each student, and then provides them with exactly the right resources and activities for them through 4 steps:

1.  It locates each student based on school data, precisely determining which knowledge and skills they have already attained and which they have yet to learn.

2. It curates resources within a content library to be able to select exactly the right lesson or activity for each student in each moment.

3.  It enables teachers to facilitate personalized learning by monitoring each student’s progress as they learn and continuously suggesting additional activities to support them where they need help the most.

4.  It mediates a student’s learning in particular subjects by creating an individualized pathway just for them and by continuously presenting them with reroute suggestions based on their performance.

Reach your Destination
The Learning Navigator as a result can navigate each student from their own unique starting point to the destination of mastery.

Navigator for Math

Utilizing this GPS for Learning technology, we have worked with educators and schools to co-create Math curriculum to develop Navigator for Math program. This ensures that every student can gain confidence and accelerate their learning in math.

Navigator for Math is a course of study covering all math concepts from grades 2-8. Students are presented with a route based on their profile and continuously made reroute suggestions based on their performance to provide an individualized pathway designed to build on their current knowledge, as well as fill gaps in their understanding. Through this comprehensive and personalized learning experience, every student can become fully prepared for more advanced math.

Proven Results

Over the past three years, high school students using an earlier version of content called Navigate Math have gained an average of 2.8 math grade levels per year, as measured by the NWEA MAP. (Christensen Report)

Teacher quote
"Gooru lets us pull together a variety of resources and track student progress all in one place. I especially like the ability to see student time on task and that students can easily access resources for review of concepts independently."
--Laurie Ellis, Math Teacher at Leadership Public Schools, CA

Superintendent quote
"Gooru's platform allows our teachers to connect with students in more meaningful ways because it allows teachers to use their ingenuity and judgement to meet students' needs in an incredibly efficient manner.”
--Mackey Pendergrast, Superintendent at Morris School District, NJ

Beyond Math

Teachers can use the Learning Navigator in other subjects too. Teachers can search for individual resources in subjects in addition to Math, including English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and more. They can design their own lessons or adapt ones created by other educators.

Our world-class content comes from publishes across the Web, including EngageNY, CK12, NASA, Openstax, KQED, etc., and is aligned to standards like the Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Partner with Us

Partners can bring Learning Navigation to their usersAll learning applications across a variety of domains, have a shared need to locate the learner’s current knowledge, skills and mindsets, use a diverse set of curated resource to create a personalized route to a desired learning destination, and reroute as needed based on performance. This is true for K12, higher education, skills training, teacher professional development, corporate learning, training in the military or lifelong learning more generally. This is relevant across subjects such as Math, Professional Development or Leadership. This approach is critical in acquiring curriculum as well as non-cognitive skills. A wide-variety of partners can bring the learning navigation technology into their enterprise.

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