Mission Control

Mission Control provides administrators, principals, program coordinators, superintendents, researchers, funders, content providers, partners, and others in the learning ecosystem with the ability to make data-informed decisions.
Mission Control
Learning Gains

Leaders across the learning ecosystem from principals to program coordinators, education secretaries to content providers, superintendents to CEOs can monitor the learning gains of their cohorts. Through a variety of reports with restricted, permission based access and anonymized data, these leaders can make informed decisions about how to best support and accelerate learning outcomes.

Competency Framework and Catalog

Collaborators can get an overview of all their competency frameworks and how the learners are performing in them. They also get a deep understanding of the usage of their content within the learning ecosystem.


Researchers from a variety of fields and interests, including but not limited to data science, learning sciences, education, and cognitive sciences use Mission Control to view their research in action and adapt and iterate as the data come in. They can develop and test their curricular interventions across education settings and learners, implement algorithms for reinforcement learning, or validate their hypotheses about learner mindsets.

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