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Leading researchers in data science, learning science, psychology, sociology, economics, and teacher education from around the world collaborate on projects and gain access to Gooru’s anonymized data. Navigator is backed by research and science. Researchers collaborate with our Lab Schools to validate practices, content, and algorithms to move their respective fields forward and inform classroom norms and practices.
Mission Control

Mission Control

Your Research-to-Practice

Gooru’s research-to-practice model allows for a distributed learning system to come together to accelerate research, validate data, modify product design, and develop best practices in implementation. We incorporate the science of how individuals learn into the core technology behind Navigator, to continually build on Navigator’s technology to assure positive learning outcomes for every learner.

Lab School Classrooms Get Early Access and Help Develop Navigator

Gooru’s Lab Schools are innovators in the K-12 space involved in the research-to-practice cycle. By implementing Navigator in classrooms, Lab Schools gain first access to our tools, and offer tool suggestions and feedback throughout the year to help mold the tools offered to students and teachers.

Big Data

Gooru brings anonymized usage and efficacy data back to researchers to help improve the science and practice of learning. As learners work, Navigator gathers rich activity stream data for every learner across all facets of learning. These data can be captured for all users and form large, rich data sets for researchers in the Gooru Research Collaborative.

Researcher Dashboards

Researchers will access data through Navigator Research Portal and can query the database to get the data sets that are most relevant to their work. Gooru maintains the highest levels of data privacy and security. Any access to data will require permissions and automated settings will be set conservatively to ensure the privacy of all users.

Research Publications

Numerous researchers are working with Gooru Navigator to develop ideas, learning tools, approaches, and more. Here is a list of research publications on their ongoing efforts.
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Learn more about the Gooru Research Collaborative

The Gooru Research Collaborative uses a research-to-practice cycle to drive the development of Navigator so that it is backed by research and informed by practice.

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