Navigator brings together the entire learning ecosystem to assure outcomes

Gooru partners with all learning ecosystem players to scale their reach and impact. Partners include Providers such as Content Providers, Tool Developers, and Researchers who distribute their free and premium resources and innovations to the millions of learners on Gooru. They gain revenues from scaled distribution to millions of users on Gooru Navigator and measure impact from the analytics about use and efficacy of their resources.

Partners also include Implementers such as B2B Program partners who implement personalized learning with their content and for their cohorts. EdTech companies integrate Gooru Navigator into their applications. Schools and Universities implement learning with their students.

Implementers bring Gooru Navigator’s personalized learning to their cohorts to accelerate learning. Implementers earn revenues from their products and services to their cohorts.

Partners Benefit from Navigator's Personalization Technology

Partners can leverage Navigator’s tools and services to enhance their products and implementations for their cohorts. 

  • Content providers use Navigator’s collaboration tools to index, curate, and distribute their content on Navigator
  • Tool developers integrate their tools into Navigator’s Learning Registry and reach millions of users on Navigator
  • Researchers plug in the tools and algorithms for their innovations in learning, cognitive, data, and other sciences into Navigator to validate with the cohorts and access anonymized data from Navigator with consent for their research
  • EdTech partners integrate Navigator APIs to bring Gooru’s personalization technology to their applications and accelerate learning outcomes for their users
  • Schools & Institutions roster their users, aggregate data from their existing systems to locate their learners comprehensively and precisely and obtain personalized pathways to their destinations, track their progress in real-time and obtain recommendations for interventions
  • Program Partners enable personalization with programs using their own content and from other 3rd party providers for their cohorts

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