Navigator Disha Project

Supported by Cisco’s India Cash Grant Program,  Navigator Disha seeks to contextualize the Learning Navigator Platform and its various apps with offline features in India, to support all types of learners in technologically challenged environments, especially ones with intermittent or poor connectivity. The project is currently in its second year of funding and implementation. 

Navigator Disha will help locate learners( in terms of his or her understanding in any subject), support teachers to provide individualized learning inputs to learners, provide navigation ability to achieve learning outcomes for learners through relevant applications with offline features.

The Program will primarily support students in Government run schools but will have a spillover effect in affordable private schools, enable adult learners in Gram Panchayats, youths in skilling, working professionals in upskilling etc.

The Applications would be in regional languages and Gooru would work with collaborators on training, content development and implementations with various states in India and work on scaling up with the Cisco support.

While the Program has already come out with an Instructor app with offline features, by the end of the year 2022, we will release the offline Learner app which will enable Navigator to be used in the areas of intermittent connectivity.

There will be certain integrations with WhatsApp and content platforms like DIKSHA. The Project will reach 1500 teachers and 50,000 students through them by the end of academic year 2023.


About Cisco India Cash Grant Program

The India Cash Grant program uses innovation to identify new ways to solve challenges and partners with civil society agencies and key stakeholders to collaborate effectively. The Program partners help create technology-based solutions that improve lives and enable an inclusive future for all. Reflecting Cisco’s global CSR efforts, the program’s purpose in India goes beyond profits to benefit employees, communities, and the planet.

Focus areas for funding include:

  • Critical human needs and crisis response
  • Education
  • Economic empowerment


The key deliverables in terms of Social Impact include

Courses aligned to Indian NCERT/SCERT standards: 

  • Math in Marathi: Grades 1-5
  • Math in Hindi: Grades 1-5
  • Math in English: Grades 1-5, Grades 8-10


  • Direct: 1500 teachers
  • Indirect: 50,000 students on Navigator from Government schools in Goa and Maharashtra
  • Scale ups planned in  states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka

0 Learners using Navigator

0 Teachers

“This tool is helping us understand the learning level status of our class. We are getting results of assessment within minutes, so it is helping us to prepare the further plan for children’s learning. Navigator is also supporting us by providing teaching and learning material. Students’ learning level can be found on a single screen, so it becomes easy to track child learning proficiency for continuous comprehensive evaluation.”

Mr. Sanjay Kakade (Manvat CPS)

“Content added in the tool is of good quality which helps us assess students’ capacity.  As I am teaching two different classes at a time, it becomes a little tricky to track all the students at the same time. The tool is helping us to get an idea about the student learning level which will help us to make a student wise plan. We don’t have to make extra efforts for competitive exams because the tool has such content which helps students in the same.”

Mr.Mahaveer Shilawane (Hamdapur School)

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